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Franconia Residence

The Owner's were introduced to Maier Architects through their contractor.  They had selected their house plans from a plan service, but knew they needed to adapt it to their family's specific needs. 


Beth listened to the Owners and contractor and was able to offer several design solutions which tailored the plans to better fit their family.


Several years later the Owners decided to complete their home by finishing their basement.  Their growing family needed a large space to gather with family and friends. 


Beth  listened again and provided a design that incorporated all of their requests and offered additional unique solutions.


The Gathering Room includes a big screen viewing room with a kitchenette and bar stool area where the kids can sit, snack and watch the TV.  Since the only window would be built into the new bathroom, Beth designed the bathroom wall and stair openings so the natural light would reach into the Gathering Room. She suggested a crafting room for the children including a large pin-up space for their artwork. There was plenty of room added for storage and the finishing touch will be a set of barn doors from a family barn .

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