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Architectural Consultation

We begin every project with a design consultation in your home.  We listen to your needs, understand your lifestyle, your budget and discuss your ideas for turning your existing or new house into the home that truly fits you. Following the consultation we provide an AIA contract and easy to understand fee schedule.


Project Design

Each design is unique.  Whether we are designing an addition, renovating existing spaces, or creating a new residence, our designs are custom fit to your needs.  We usually provide three initial design schemes for you to consider.  This leads to the final approved design drawings which become the construction drawings.  We can also provide Interior Finish design and selection.



Our Construction Drawings are produced to fit your budget.  They can be used by a contractor selected by you or one recommended by us..  They can also be used for bidding.  Our drawings meet local, state and national codes and carry a Registered Architect's seal.  During construction we offer our services to help the design become your livable home.


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