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Kitchen & Bath

Many of Maier Architects Designs include Kitchens & Baths. We understand that the design of these spaces is key to an asthetically pleasing, livable home.  In a new home these spaces are not treated as standard fixed room sizes, but are carefully designed to fit the Owner's lifestyles.  In a Renovation of existing spaces Beth maintains that same careful design to adapt the remodeled areas to fit the Owner's changing needs.


Beth's solutions for Kitchens & Baths begin with planning for spaces that meet the specific needs of each Owner.  She always incorporates the function, style and architectural elements into the design of each room.


Beth's approach to Kitchen & Bath design is to firstlisten to the Owner and how they use the space.  She may ask questions about their lifestyle to better understand how they want their Kitchen or Bath to function.  She understands that not everyone needs the same square footage, appliances, table space, work area, bath fixtures, accessibility or lighting.  When renovating a Kitchen or Bath she is always looking for possibilities within the home's structure for additional room.  Because she views your home with an Architect's eye, she can go far beyond the plans of a cabinet designer or installer by offering solutions to make your Kitchen or Bath the truly livable place you've imagined.  She is also knowledgable in the selection of the best finishes and cabinets to meet your needs within your budget.

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